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NHL diffuse large cell B

My name is bilal. I had NHL stage 2. I had my face swallon thought its kind of advanced hey fever. Doctor gave me  antihestimine tablet. Took it for atleast one and half month, did not make any difference. Then one day i had pain in chest , went to emergency doctor gave me antibiotic and done some blood test and xray nd sent me home. It was the time of july 2016. Then on 26 august 2016 i received call from hospital from chest specialist doctor that he saw some unusal stuff in my chest xray.then i had CT scan then biopsy . It was was chest mass which supressing blood vein which take blood to the head thats why i was having swalling on the face i got my answer. Chest mass big. Referred to oncologist after sm paper work he said 6 to 8 cycles of RChop will be given. Started my first rchop seasion on 5th october. After first session around 15 days i had sepsus infection. Lucky enough i survived stayed in hospital almost 5 days. Its one day to go for second cycle of my treatment then i came home from my bloods in the morning suddenly my right side stopped working .my wife was clever enough to know about whats happening to me she called amboulunce. Paramedics took me to hospital. After about one hour i came back to my senses. Lucky enough i survived Stroke as well. doctor dont know the re ason of the stroke . It was a mystry. Normally u dont get stroke as a side affect in chemo. Had couple of more infetion during my cycles. But good thing was chemo was working. In remission right now today. Did not want to write blog but saw a movie tonight' my sister's keeper' . Thought it might help some one . B positive and have faith.

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Pam threw a punch at your cancer.
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So glad you are in remission. This cancer is rough stuff. Very glad you joined us.
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Thanku Deborah
Congratulations on remission and recovery from the stroke. Actually, I've heard of ischemic strokes resulting from chemo but don't know anyone personally. It's terrible to have cancer and then to get a stroke while trying to get yourself cured? Double whammy you got there.'s over now and you are in remission, watching movies and I pray, enjoying life. God bless.
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Thanks for reading my blog Marcia. Stroke was the nightmere they did some test of my heart but all seems good . Right now at blood thinner ' wRfrin' to prevent from blood clotting.
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You're welcome. Yes, warfarin has been around a long time so we know it to be very good. About 5 years ago, FDA approved another one, whereby you didn't need to get protimes. But I don't know anyone who takes. I'd rather have protimes, safer that way! Blessings on your health.
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March 19, 2017

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